Best Non Carbonated Beverage

Adina Natural Highs

Winner: Adina Natural Highs Coffee Energy

On its way to trying to produce its version of an energy drink, Adina has come up with one of the best-tasting canned coffee drinks around. With just enough sweetness, great coffee flavor, a bit of extra caffeine and a marketing emphasis on coffee's antioxidant benefits, this drink will likely catch on with cold coffee fans, energy fiends and organic health nuts in equal measure. A bright packaging scheme, interesting flavors (caramel!) and the super slogan "drink no evil" round out this impressive entry. Winning Best Non-Carbonated Beverage should be a familiar feeling for the Adina team, as it grabbed the award in 2005. Back then, it was for a set of superior bottled juice cocktails; this time, it's for cans of "juiced-up" coffee, but the core principles remain the same: high-quality ingredients, interesting packaging, and an impulse to do the right thing through organic, fair-trade manufacturing practices.

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