Product of the Year

Muscle Milk

Winner: Muscle Milk

There have been a number of attempts to make protein palatable in a mainstream sense. Until now, the best marketers could do is add the stuff to other products, like water, sports drinks, or juice smoothies, and let the mixtures fall where they may. Now here comes Muscle Milk, a product whose only reason for being is as a protein source. And guess what? It works. By building Muscle Milk's flavor profile around the protein, rather than forcing a square peg into a round hole, the CytoSport team focused consumer expectations. And by pulling it out of Tetra-Pak and moving it into PET, Muscle Milk sidesteps the only-at-the-gym stigma. Mainstream retailers are finding it to be the right product at the right time: as a meal replacement or pre-or-post-workout product in a society that is increasingly on the go. With its jump into the Pepsi system, expect to see this product gathering an even bigger head of steam in the next year.

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