Best Marketing Campaign

5-Hour 2:30 Feeling Campaign

In a world filled with buzz about social media, word of mouth, and viral, it might seem crazy to pick a TV campaign for the second year in a row. But then again, that buzz – and loss of focus on TV (at least for the beverage industry) – is part of what makes the “No More 2:30 Feeling” campaign tops when it comes to marketing efforts in the industry this year. The other part is that it’s a clever invention that was mothered by necessity: to put 5-Hour’s legal battles with energy drink companies to rest, the company was required to move away from comparing itself to energy drinks in its advertising – the new campaign does the trick admirably. There’s nothing glamorous about the creative itself, with average looking Joes from various every day jobs, including secretaries, office workers, and truck drivers as well as moms coming home with their kids. They’re all complaining about that post lunch drag that sets in around 2:30PM and profess that they’ve found the solution in 5-Hour Energy. Aside from using images that most people can relate to (a stark contrast from last year’s winner), there’s also a heavy emphasis on women and consumers older than the 18-34 demographic, two places where energy drinks haven’t done so well in the past.