Best Enhanced Water


Hint isn’t new to the enhanced water scene, but is instead more of a pioneer for the category, with their unsweetened essence waters having been on the market since 2004. What’s new for the brand is a refined look and pared-down lineup, which, paired with the fallout of the post-Vitaminwater gold rush, leaves Hint standing tall in the category. Plus, it fits nicely on the shrinking bottled water aisle, where you’ll often see it in groceries, with its essence flavorings giving the consumer something more than just a portable alternative to tap water. Ultimately, the simple act of putting a white backdrop on the label has made a big difference for the brand, making it catch your eye much more easily than the old clear-backed label. That, backed with improved and more focused marketing efforts to position Hint as a great product for kids, has helped make Hint a product that seems to have lots of opportunity lying ahead.