Best Carbonated Soft Drink


In a day and age where “soda” is almost on par with other four-letter words, there are a growing number of brands that are trying to take it back to the days when it was a fun, pleasing treat. This year, we’ve discovered a brand that created a product line that is fun, wholesome, super premium, and made with local ingredients. That brand is Hotlips, a family owned business that has, since 1984, operated pizzerias in Portland, OR (today they have five). The brand has a variety of different flavors, each of which utilizes ingredients that are grown in the Pacific Northwest and processed in house. As a result, each bottle of Hotlips has some of the boldest and freshest-tasting fruit flavor that we’ve ever seen poured from a bottle. Plus, we love the off kilter branding, which immediately says “fun” -- exactly what soda should be.