Best Product Revamp

Jones WhoopAss

Many years back, Jones Soda released Jones WhoopAss as an entry in the 8-ounce energy drink category. It’s a great name with a built-in-slogan (“Open a can of WhoopAss”), and as part of the early wave of energy drinks, definitely got attention in the media – but it failed to execute behind its advantages, with a corny looking cartoon-themed can and a flavor that was purely a knockoff of the market leader. It devolved, in our book, into the original novelty energy drink, with single cans being sold as collector’s items on places like eBay. Now, Jones has new management and change is in the air: they’ve revamped WhoopAss in a major way, giving it an upgrade in both the formulation and the packaging, which can now run with the best of them. In fact, the similarities between the old and new are extremely limited, with the name, slogan, and little cartoon mascot (now hidden on the back of the can) the only holdovers. It’s definitely Jones’ best energy effort to date and was, admittedly, in the running for Best Energy Drink of the Year as well.