Best Kids' Drink

O.N.E. Kids

Like most other years, 2010 had its share of hokey-looking kids’ products that are selling the same old stuff with a slightly different cartoon character or packaging gimmick. Fortunately though, an exception appeared this Fall when O.N.E. released their “O.N.E. Kids” line of coconut water based kids drinks. It presents two main advantages: a clear change in flavor from traditional kids’ products, which are typically either super-sweet or watered down, but one that’s attached to a traditional kids’ juice box package. O.N.E. Kids uses coconut water as the base of each of the four flavors that make up the line. In case you are living in a cave and haven’t heard about coconut water, this increasingly popular ingredient contains both natural electrolytes and sugar (you won’t find any filler juice or added sugar). For O.N.E., the immediate benefit of being in another area of the store probably isn’t massive, but we have to guess that the rapidly increasing size of the coconut water category will start to create a base of parents who want to share this great ingredient with their kids. We think it has the potential to be a game changer for the kids’ juice aisle – and that, combined with the drink’s solid execution, is why O.N.E. Kids is our Kids Product of the Year.