Best New Powder, Tablet, Mix

Pre's Powder Synbiotic Drink Mix

With probiotics continuing to be reintroduced into the American diet and beverage category (e.g. kombucha) and powder and tablets proving to be increasingly viable in many categories, PRE’s Synbiotic Drink Mix is our choice for Best Tablet/Powder for 2010. PRE’s mix makes the proposition that a shelf stable way to add probiotics when you need them is a big opportunity, especially if someone can nail the flavor and branding and bring down the price. That’s what we think that PRE has potentially done, with a 70 percent organic formulation that contains only 20 calories per 7 gram packet. Available in four flavors, they are enjoyable and easy to take with you, requiring only water to get the 2.5 million probiotics that are contained within. Plus, we love the PRE brand, both in its looks and name, which is straightforward and memorable. Right now, tablets and powders are still a wide open field – and we think that PRE delivers a function that suits it perfectly.