Best Relaxation Drink or Shot


This year, the awards for Best Shot and Best Relaxation Drink go to one company, RelaxZen. While they are just getting started, they are creating an enterprise with the legs to go the distance by turning the still-emerging relaxation category into a functional, rather than recreational product. They also do well in comparison to some of the competition in both categories, many of which use branding that’s off putting, aggressive, or includes references to drugs and other counter culture concoctions. RelaxZen, on the other hand, is clean and calming, with the name providing a perfect way to describe the product while also helping to bolster its functional credibility. We think that the shot format will eventually be a strong component in the relaxation category, since it’s the type of thing that people throw in their bag when heading on a trip (you also can take it through airport security) or consume in the evening (who wants to drink a lot of liquid before going to bed?) To that end, RelaxZen’s line is well thought out and well executed, with the right selection of formulas, flavor that you don’t have to choke down, and attractive packaging that will look great on the counter in many retail situations.