Best Energy Drink or Shot

Rockstar Recovery

Despite the energy drink category having reached maturity a few years back, most of the new entries in the category are still either flavor extensions or else cheaper varieties of the same-old “classic energy” flavor. Not so for Rockstar. This year, the company created a product that takes energy and blends it with new functions, hydration and recovery, into their hybrid Rockstar Recovery. With “recovery” becoming more and more marketable in the beverage space (just look at all the anti-hangover drinks out there) and hydration being an irrefutable function that people look for in beverages (even if only subconsciously at times), it’s a formula that’s about as close to panacea as you’ll find in a 16 oz. can. Sure, Rockstar isn’t the first company to attempt to combine these functions into an energy drink, but the effort is, in our opinion, the best to date. Not only is it very drinkable and low in calories, but they’ve put it in an eye popping yellow can that’s true to the Rockstar brand. It’s tough to miss on the store shelf – and it’s definitely the best energy drink entry of the year.