Best Tea or Tea Based

Sweet Leaf Lemon and Citrus Tea

This year, the award for Best Tea goes to a couple of line extensions from Sweet Leaf: Organic Lemon Iced Tea and Organic Citrus Green Tea. These flavors are simple, but super-enjoyable, with a very mainstream flavor and the added marketable benefits of being USDA certified-organic. Also, they’ve put these flavors into several different packaging formats, including 15.5 oz. cans, 16 oz. glass bottles, and 20 oz. PET and 64 oz. PET bottles. Those packaging options are a key point of differentiation that you won’t find in many other entrepreneurial beverage companies: they enable the product to leverage its solid flavor against an ability to be in multiple places within the store and in multiple channels, as well. Solid execution and solid go to market strategy are what makes this the top tea of 2010.