Best Juice or Juice Based

Jamba Daily Superfruit Shots

This year's Best Juice or Juice Based Beverage goes to Jamba Daily Superfruit Shots from Zola

Jamba's brand has spread to several new products RTD drinks as part of an awareness-raising campaign, but this product was definitely the best of the bunch.

The design of the bottle is unique and appealing, with a cup on the cap that helps the consumer pour just the right amount; from a flavor point of view, these products use very enjoyable Brazillian superfruit enhanced formulations brought to the party by ZOLA, Jamba's partner in the product.

Each variety has its own unique blend of enhancements, which include things like vitamins, antioxidants, and natural caffeine.

Overall, our panel felt that this product did a great job of blending flavor, functionality, and packaging Plus it has the Jamba brand, which is well known as for its premium products.