Product of the Year

ZICO Chocolate

This year, BevNET's Best of 2011 top product award -- Product of the Year -- goes to ZICO Chocolate flavored Coconut Water.

While most entries into the coconut water space have been focused on either straight coconut water or traditional or tropical fruit flavors, Zico did something radically different by launching a chocolate flavor.

It was definitely a risky move on their part -- and its something that hasn't yet realized its full potential -- but so far the response to it is extremely positive.

It's one of those products that is almost universally liked -- even people who don't like coconut water seem to make an exception for this one.

And when it comes to BevNET Best of Awards, the ability to take something that's innovative and turn it into something that clearly has some commercial legs to it is exactly what the panel looks for.

So this year is ZICO Chocolate's -- congratulations to the BevNET 2011 Product of the Year