Best Marketing Campaign

Suja Midnight Tonic

It’s a fair guess that most people would turn down an offer to purchase a half-dozen bottles of a beverage whose primary ingredients are water, activated charcoal and schizandra berry. But the diehard fans of cold-pressed juice brand Suja aren’t like most customers -- and the company knows it. Suja’s blink-and-you-miss-it release of Midnight Tonic was an impressive display of its social media prowess and pull with the brand’s well-heeled celebrity consumers. An extension of Suja’s 2016 “Surprise + Delight” initiative, Midnight Tonic was a limited-edition release with only 1,000 16 oz. bottles made available for purchase via Suja’s website. The company teased the launch on social media and sent packages of the product to a handful of influential celebrities and bloggers who shared images and video of the product on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Pre-release buzz gave way to a buying frenzy: Suja sold out of the product soon after it hit the site, with an earned media boom making the stunt marketing worth the work.