Best Marketing Campaign

The Drug Store (Dirty Lemon)

While Millennials seem to live on their phones, even they still exist in the physical realm. When functional beverage brand Dirty Lemon launched in 2015, it differentiated itself and gathered considerable media coverage by targeting digitally-engulfed consumers with a business model that only offered sales via SMS text messaging. But to grow awareness, the brand has now gone IRL and opened its first brick-and-mortar location in New York City. The Dirty Lemon store comes fully stocked with the brand’s portfolio of lemon-based flavors -- including their eye-catching, minimalist pack designs tailor-made for Instagram. But following its established model, consumers must still sign up with the company online and make purchases from the store via their phones. CNBC reported that Dirty Lemon is planning to open more stores in the next year, shifting all digital marketing spending to retail in 2019. If the concept takes off, it could mean big gains for Dirty Lemon, and perhaps a glimpse of how the digital age is remaking the shopping experience.