Rising Star


Only a year ago Soylent was taking its first step beyond its online consumer base of computer programmers and gamers by making an expansion into retail, launching a pilot in select 7-Eleven stores last winter. Today, the brand is taking its $50 million series B and establishing a brick-and-mortar presence across the country in c-stores, drug, independents, Walmart, and college campuses. What started with a Silicon Valley-style vision of disrupting the ritual of eating has pivoted toward the mainstream, offering a grab-and-go solution to modern consumers’ hectic lives that has them skipping meals. Whether it’s micro-targeting students who need their calories while pulling all-nighters or signing with Big Geyser to go deep in New York City, Soylent is leading the growth in the meal replacement category. Its latest bottle redesigns and flavor innovations like Chai and Vanilla further point to the company’s dedication to bringing in new customers, including and especially those not in on the wry science fiction references.