G Pure Energy

by G Energy, Inc.


Official Brand Overview

G Pure Energy was conceived to offer the best of everything from ingredients to packaging. G Pure Energy combines natural ingredients in a clear formula with a smooth taste that is kind to the pallet and body. Created with all-natural ingredients including vitamins, taurine, caffeine and metabolism boosting green tea extract. This unique formula gives you sustainable energy, the medicinal benefits of all natural green tea and no jitteriness. G Pure Energy mixes brilliantly with a variety of spirits such as vodka, rum, tequila and gin allowing you to create unique, invigorating and enjoyable cocktails to keep the night going strong. Packaged in a sleek 200ml glass bottle, G Pure Energy's style and presence is complimentary to discerning tastes and lifestyles. G Pure Energy is Energy redesigned. Lulo Lime - Regular Description: The sophisticated way to get the energy you want. G Pure Energy is a unique blend of the tart flavor of Lime and the unique citrus flavor of Lulo (a Central and South American fruit with a subtle orange flavor), with only natural, healthy ingredients. The smooth, clear taste is delicious by itself or mixed with your favorite spirit. G Pure energy: Impeccable taste, nutrition and mixability. Lulo Lime - Zero Calorie: Get all the energy and sophistication without the calories with G Pure Energy Zero Calorie. The same impeccable taste, nutrition and mixability of G without the carbs or calories. Finally, a zero-calorie energy drink redesigned to fit your lifestyle.

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