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Get FREE samples to cure your hangover, prizes and more using this link: Alcovit is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements designed to reduce the unwanted effects of drinking alcohol. ALCOVIT® really works! Prevent your hangovers with science using this link ALCOVIT® is a lifestyle/detox effervescent lime taste powdered drink in a 15 g sachet. With a TCM herb, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Alcovit is truly unique as it is scientifically formulated to prevent hangovers and detox your liver. Designed to reduce the build up to toxins and replenish the vitamins and minerals lost when alcohol is consumed. ALCOVIT® may also assist with the reduction stress and damage on the body as a result of consuming alcohol. ?Alcohol intake may increase the requirement for some of the B group vitamins. Alcovit provides vitamins that may be low in people who consume alcohol regularly. Alcovit supports the production of energy in the body and contains nutrients that are antioxidants. This formula also supports the immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems, containing Pantothenic acid, which is bene?cial in times of stress and vitamin B3, which is involved in antioxidant mechanisms and detoxi?cation reactions. ALCOVIT® can be before, during or immediately after alcohol consumption (as last drink) for the best results.

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