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BodyBio is a nutritional research company that creates innovative dietary supplements for better health & wellness at a cellular level. In 1995, Ed and Patricia Kane, Ph.D. began to develop a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual’s blood chemistry results. Dr. Kane created the database, which links nutritional deficiencies to a person’s blood chemistry/CBC and red cell fatty acids, and provides recommendations to correct those deficiencies (The BodyBio Report). The product took the form of a service to doctors providing them with an evidence-based means of nutritional supplementation. The BodyBio Report is based on the research of Dr. Patricia Kane and her unique background of over thirty years of clinical research, practicums with individual leaders in metabolic intervention, as well as her experience in private practice in the field of nutritional biochemistry. BodyBio has used this pioneering research to provide nutritional diagnostic reports to healthcare practitioners around the world. These unique, in-depth reports bring into focus those nutrients that a patient’s body may require, based upon documented research and the patients’ individual blood test results. The BodyBio report has proven invaluable in assisting healthcare practitioners and researchers worldwide in providing medical care guidance as well as preventative care options for their patients. BodyBio’s experienced management team is led by Edward Kane, CEO, a successful entrepreneur who founded three successful companies prior to BodyBio during his broad successful career. He has extensive experience in product and corporate development. The Greater Millville (NJ) Chamber of Commerce honored Mr. Kane as one of three major Industrialists of the half-century, as part of the Outstanding Business Persons of the 20th Century. He is currently on the Advisory Board of the Foundation for UMDNJ’s Osteopathic Medical School in Stratford, NJ. Patricia Kane's, Ph.D. expertise is in boldly addressing complex metabolic disorders and lipid disturbances with targeted nutritional intervention. Focusing on evidence based nutrition for over 25 years, Dr. Kane has written numerous articles and books for both the scientific community and the public. An accomplished lecturer as well as author, she presents to medical societies and universities throughout the year as well as being involved in clinical and university based research studies. Dr. Kane’s primary interest is in fatty acids, nutritional biochemistry, cell membrane function and neurological disturbances. Dr. Kane has a long standing interest in the challenging areas of seizure disorders, autism, traumatic brain injury, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, CFIDS, and heavy metal toxicity. Her dedication and success in working with children and adults with fragile brain architecture and patients with challenging neurological problems has brought her widespread recognition in the field of nutritional biochemistry. Dr. Kane works with doctors across the country addressing complex metabolic disorders and lipid disturbances with targeted nutritional intervention. Dr. Patricia Kane serves as Director of Medical Research at BodyBio, having developed a biomedical analysis system for fatty acid and biochemical testing. She also serves as Director of the NeuroLipid Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization, in Millville, NJ. Her expertise in boldly addressing complex metabolic aberrations and lipid disturbances with targeted nutritional intervention for neurological disorders has led to direct nutrient application utilized by medical doctors worldwide. Her clinical experience, working with physicians, spans 30 years. Dr. Kane has pioneered targeted metabolic application of fatty acid analysis with lipid testing from Kennedy Krieger Institute's Peroxisomal Diseases Laboratory. Using basic blood chemistry (Chem 28) and a complete blood count (CBC) Dr. Kane has been able to integrate biomedical interventions for pediatric and adult populations with acute as well as chronic conditions. Her work has expedited the incorporation of current research, evidence based medicine, directly into clinical practice to yield resolution of some of the complex medical disorders of our time. Dr. Kane has had a long-standing interest in the challenging area of the treatment of severe neurological disorders such as ALS, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Autism, pervasive developmental delay, seizure disorders, Post Stroke, traumatic brain injury, metabolic and genetic abnormalities. She has developed an intravenous protocol called the PK Protocol for these devastating health disorders using IV Lipid therapy and oral fatty acid supplementation that has yielded marked positive responses. Her dedication and success in working with patients with fragile brain architecture has brought her widespread recognition in the field of nutritional biochemistry. Kane has written numerous articles, essays and books focusing on evidence based nutrition for over 35 years. Her latest publication appeared in the January 2009 book, Food and Nutrients in Disease Management, edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt, Johns Hopkins University, where Kane contributed two chapters entitled, 1) Seizure Disorders: Balancing Fatty Acids To Stabilize Brain Activity and, 2) Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Dynamic Intervention for Neuronal Membrane Stabilization. Dr. Kane is an accomplished lecturer as well as author, presenting to medical societies annually in the US and abroad. In addition, she teaches a two-day biomedical course to physicians on lipids, nutritional biochemistry and membrane function with neurological application several times annually in the US and abroad. She has presented her work to the NIH, Columbia, Johns Hopkins University of Kansas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Harvard, Eidgenossische Technische (The MIT of Europe), UMDNJ and the Royal College of Physicians. Today's interest in the field of nutrition has both consumers and healthcare practitioners scrambling for knowledge. Many practitioners have not been formally trained in this field. Universities, such as Harvard, are now incorporating integrative courses and clinics. David Eisenberg, MD, a Harvard professor, has written extensively on the subject and reports that there are now more patient visits, per year, to Integrative Healthcare Practitioners (HCP’s) than to traditional physicians. Thousands of health conscience and “walking wounded” consumers are now desperately seeking practitioners who have experience in nutritional treatment programs and in-depth nutritional diagnostics. According to Harris Interactive, May 2002, the number of people going online for health information has risen from 54 million in 1998 to 110 million in March 2002. Today’s consumer is more knowledgeable about nutrition and its correlation with achieving a superior quality of life than ever before. BodyBio, through the BodyBio Test Report and the Red Blood Cell Fatty Acid Report has combined medical research and the use of computers to assist the clinician to balance an individual’s blood chemistry with the application of essential nutrients to the out of range artifacts. The balancing of the body’s chemistry invariably proves to be beneficial. BodyBio is one of only a few organizations in the world that has been able to keep pace with the available medical research by way of the BodyBio Test Reports thus establishing a vital link that brings out the best in medicine. Patients benefit, doctors benefit, clinical chemists benefit, researchers benefit and for the first time medical data can be organized per individual, everyone wins!

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