BooKoo Energy

by Boo Koo Beverages

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Official Brand Overview

BOO KOO Energy has Explicit Energy, Explicit Taste which translates to a Big crazy burst of true energy with a mouth watering refreashing great taste to give you the ability to take what you do to the next level and beyond. You wont find a bitter medicinal after taste with any of our beverages. BOO KOO Energy comes in a variety of sizes and tasty flavors such as the three drinks in one can original 24oz size in Original Citrus, great tasting Zero Carb Citrus, Wild Berry and Bite flavors. BooKoo is available in the popular 16 oz size in Citrus, WildBerry, Bite, Zero Carb WildBerry, Jugo Energy Juice and New BooKoo Punch! BOO KOO SHOT: There's nothing else like it! The great taste of BooKoo in a slammable size. This 5.75oz pocket rocket fits in your pack or purse, with a blast of instant energy that won't slow you down. BooKoo Shot contains 2x the Power of a regular 8oz Energy Drink. Get your shot on in original Citrus and Wild Berry! So grab a can of BOO KOO and Drink, Enjoy, Explode With Energy! The rest is up to you.

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