Buddha Brain

by Buddha Brain

Official Brand Overview

Buddha Brain isn’t just another CBD Beverage. It’s a lifestyle deeply rooted within us, at our core. And it’s only because we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of CBD in our own lives that we’re so excited to help you experience the very same thing in yours! Awaken sparkling water is loaded with 180 Mgs of Organic caffeine, it has the same benefits as Zen and MORE. This is the perfect beverage for a daily boost in your work week or workout regime. The caffeine can provide you with the kick you need while the CBD may regulate the jitters, and help fight off the inflammation caused by sore muscles and ligaments from exercising, allowing for faster recovery and PEAK PERFORMANCE. Zen sparkling water may help relieve your daily stress and anxiety while keeping you hydrated. When our bodies are able to adapt and overcome stress, we allow ourselves to Operate on a higher plane. Less stress can help us think more clearly, increase our memory, have a better night of sleep, have a healthier heart, decrease our chances of getting the common cold and overall increase our psychological and physical well-being.

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