Cascabel Energy Drink

by Cascabel North America LLC

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Don Humberto CASCABELTM Energy Drink is an innovation of a “Great Tasting” drink that has combined nutritional value that provides a healthy energy boost. The best description of CASCABELTM Energy Drink is, “ Delicious and Nutritious ”. CASCABELTM Energy Drink is designed to provide maximum nutrition in a convenient and delicious drink. This state of the art nutritional product was formulated to meet the needs of busy, but health conscious individuals in a fast paced lifestyle. The formula is "metabolically balanced" to provide even energy flow, maximum nutrient absorption to also help provide maximum concentration. CASCABELTM Energy Drink is ideal as a pre and post workout refreshment or for other sport activities and lifestyles. CASCABELTM Energy Drink provides additional value of Vitamin C in our product along with the added B-Complex Vitamins, aloe, ginseng, and herbs which produce a metabolic balanced product. All this is accomplished in a great tasting and nutritional drink . It is known as the “ Best Tasting Energy Drink On The Market .” CASCABELTM is developed from the finest ingredients that are available on the market today. The formula has been hailed as the best tasting energy drink on the market. Taste for yourself and you will be amazed at how your taste buds are refreshed and tantalized with flavors that you have never tasted before.