Chiquita Tropicals

by MOJO Organics, Inc.

Official Brand Overview

Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, MOJO Organics, Inc. engages in, product development, production, marketing and distribution, of CHIQUITA TROPICALS™ CHIQUITA TROPICALS™ are a 100% Fruit Juice, produced under license agreement from Chiquita Brands. The mission of MOJO is to promote a Better-for-You lifestyle for everyone with affordable natural ingredient beverages and organic ingredient beverages. The CHIQUITA TROPICALS™ label tells the story of our juice with easy to read icons: zero added sugar, no preservatives, naturally low sodium, vegan, naturally gluten free, non-genetically modified, and kosher. Such attributes are what consumers want today in a beverage. Because of the way we bottle our juice, it does not require refrigeration before opening. We believe in safe and sustainable corporate practices. We are proud to use Rainforest Alliance Certified fruits, which help the farmers and their families, while being environmental, social and economic sustainable.

Current product lineup

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