Fresh Juice (by Ripe Craft Juice): Deep Beet

by Ripe Craft Juice

Product Type

High Pressure Processed (HPP), Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16 oz

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Review: Deep Beet

Posted: Oct 28, 2015 at 10:43 AM (Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 at 9:53 AM)
Of all of the flavors of Fresh Juice that we sampled at the time of its launch, this formulation feels like it is the most complete and marketable. Using a blend of cold-pressed kale, spinach, beets, apples, carrots, ginger, and lemon juices that are high pressure processed, the product tastes great. It has notes of sweet, spice, vegetables, and citrus, all of which combine to make something that is very pleasing to the palate. Honestly, we wish that the company took this approach to all of the flavors. As it stands right now, the lineup seems a bit all over the place in terms of what it’s offering and who is the likely buyer. Due to its level of sweetness and use of multiple ingredients, we feel as though this flavor is the one that’s likely to draw the biggest base of consumers (purely from a taste perspective, that is). However, the packaging for this flavor needs some work. While we’d reiterate what we said in the other reviews about the Ripe logo and the checklist of ingredients, this product has an additional challenge in that the black text is very difficult to read against the dark liquid that’s behind it. So much so, in fact, that close examination is required to figure this product out. Overall, this is a really nice tasting product, although it does feel a bit rough around the edges in its presentation.