Ibex Drinkable Yogurt

by Skyland Foods

Official Brand Overview

IBEX™ is all-natural drinkable yogurt that delivers great taste with less sugar, functional health benefits, and portable, on-the-go nutrition. IBEX Drinkable Yogurt is named for a mountain-going animal known for its striking appearance, athletic gifts, and utter fearlessness. Confidently negotiating steep rock cliffs and rough mountain terrain, the ibex has remarkable balance and agility. Capable of leaping up to 12-feet, this intrepid creature is a powerful example of meeting every challenge and adapting to thrive in its environment. Ancient mythology even held that the ibex possessed mystical and curative properties. The IBEX brand is centered on a simple ideal, a shared goal to improve people’s lives: IBEX exists to help people expect more from their food, and get more from themselves. Get more from yourself. Unleash your inner- IBEX!

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