Official Brand Overview

King 888 is quite simply: Inspiration from a bygone generation. A classy energy drink founded on the ideals of 1950's Vegas. Smart. Rough but elegant. Swank and self-assured. Classic. Unapologetic. You partake of this noble nectar, not because you're an insane adrenaline junkie, but because you're one smooth SOB who's got a ton of cool action in play. All night action. James Bond action. This is the juice that gets things jumpin'. Keeps things classy. The fact that this stuff tastes epic pretty much goes without saying. Not like medicine. Not like flavored petroleum. Not metallic. Just fresh and right. King 888 takes care of business. Doesn't brag. Doesn't have to. A high energy drink that knows how to roll and win. Available in 16 oz. Original and Sugar Free. Crisp and Tangy, these grapefruit beverages will stir you up starting with your taste buds.

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