Mansi Premium Calamansi

by Mansi, Inc.

800-659-MANSI / 347-504-9888

Official Brand Overview

Mansi is the world’s first premium calamansi juice drink. Nicknamed the Philippine Lemon, this unique ready-to-drink citrus beverage is the first in its category to be Non-GMO Project verified, using only the finest, most premium, hand-picked calamansi, then naturally sweetened with organic cane sugar and a splash of organic honey. Mansi is high in vitamin C, has antioxidant properties, gluten free, cholesterol free, fat free, dairy free, kosher, and contains essential electrolytes that help hydrate the body. Mansi is a not-from-concentrate beverage that proudly uses fruits grown and freshly squeezed in the Philippines. Uniquely, it can be enjoyed chilled or warm, like tea. It has the perfect balance of sweet and sour that many consider authentic to what has been enjoyed by Filipinos for centuries.

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