Marble Pop

by nishimoto

Official Brand Overview

"Marble POP" is a new carbonated drink inspired by the classic Japanese drink "ramune". The drink "ramune" is known for its light citrus flavor, strong carbonation, and most importantly, its funny looking bottle. The Codd-neck bottle, as it is called after its British creator, Hiram Codd, was invented in the late 19th century. It is very unique in that it incorporates a marble to seal the bottle, not the usual twist-off cap. "How does it work?" you may ask. Simply put, the glass marble is held in place by the carbonation of the beverage. The marble serves as the cap of the drink until it is "POP-ped" open with the special stopper. The pinch in the neck of the bottle allows the drink to flow out while the marble stays in place. This alternative method of opening the bottle is what has made "ramune" a century-old favorite in Japan. Now, with the introduction of "Marble POP", people everywhere can enjoy this truly innovative and refreshing drink. Get ready to... POP IT! POP to DRINK! POP for FUN!

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