Nature's Guru

by Nature's Guru Inc.

Official Brand Overview

Nature's Guru instant beverages and tea products provide consumers a healthier, eco-friendly, affordable alternative to sports drinks, energy drinks, and sodas. Our instant tender coconut water powder is made from natural young tender coconuts from India. Simply empty the sachet powder contents into a 8-10 fl.oz water bottle or tall glass of cold water and shake or stir well, to get a refreshing taste of natural tender coconut water. It's packed with five essential electrolytes. Whether you’re a marathon runner or someone that likes to live a healthy and active lifestyle - it’s the perfect natural drink mix for that hydration on the go. Our instant tender coconut water powder has more potassium than a banana and over 15 times more than sports drinks – to prevent muscle cramps and promote quicker recovery. Drink Nature's Guru natural tender instant coconut water powder before, during, or after workout for the natural hydration that you need for optimal performance and recovery. Best of all, it's: Fat Free, Low in Calories, Low Sugar, Rich in Potassium, pH balance of 5, and all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives or synthetic flavors. Also, Nature's Guru has two delicious instant chai products which we launched in early 2011. Currently, we have a Masala Spice Chai and Cardamom Chai. In October 2011, we'll be launching an instant lemongrass tea. All our chai products are full of antioxidants with low calories, low sugar, and low in fat for that natural healthy exotic gourmet chai drink to start your day with. Our Cardamom and Masala Spice Chai is more than just a tea, it's an indulgent sensory experience. By simply adding warm water to our ready-to-mix special formulation, you can instantly unlock the delicious flavors of the East and experience the best of Indian Cardamom and Masala Spice Chai in a quick, convenient way. Nature's Guru instant chai - a healthy and natural solution to your drink doldrums! Nature's Guru products can be found online at, or at select Whole Foods Markets and other natural and organic food retailers nationwide.

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