by New Dutch Water Corp.

Official Brand Overview

Rigorously researched and developed over the last two years, NY2O isn?t your typical bottled water. Sourced from the same pristine water reservoirs as NYC?s water?from the mountains and wilderness over 125 miles north of Manhattan, NY2O is captured before it passes through the aging pipes of private homes and buildings. Through what can only be described as a modern marvel of the world, ranked up there with the Panama Canal, New York City water is actually born fresh, from the forests, mountains and lakes of upstate New York. Our founding fathers were brilliant engineers and visionaries. Back in the 1800?s, when they discovered this source, their plan to bring fresh water to the city gave New York the potential to become a world capital. And they were more than right. To make sure we retain the flavor, mineral content and pH, but filtering any impurities, NY2O undergoes our own rigorous multi-step, submicron-filtration process that restores the water to its original taste, quality and brilliance. NY2O Premium Water surpasses FDA requirements and exceeds municipal standards. What you get is pure New York water the way it was more than 200 years ago. Better than the best? No one should be that surprised.

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