Penta H20

by United Beverage

Official Brand Overview

What Makes Penta So Special? Penta ultra-premium purified drinking water is the world’s cleanest water, averaging less than .5 ppm of TDS Penta undergoes a rigorous 13-step, 11-hour purification process. No chemicals are ever used to purify Penta. One of Penta’s 13 steps is a patented physics process (US patent #6,521,248). The patent not only covers the process, but also a new composition of matter. This patented process not only further purifies the water, but also restructures it using high-energy sound waves—giving it unique properties unlike any other water (such as smaller water molecule clusters, higher boiling point, a higher viscosity, and a lower surface tension). The company is conducting ongoing research to learn the benefits of these unique properties. Penta is sold nationwide in some 3,500 health food stores and nearly 2,600 grocery stores, and has been the #1 selling bottled water in health food stores since 2002 (SPINSscan).

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