Pre SK8

by Superior Hockey Nutrition

Official Brand Overview

PreSk8 is the first product in our product line made and marketed to the game of hockey. PreSk8 is made for the way hockey is played. The key ingredients are all at levels proven in University research, we are WADA and NSF compliant. Take PreSk8 30 minutes before you hit the ice or gym for a workout. Feedback from players has been very positive where there is no crash or jitters, their focus is good all game and their legs in the third period feel like they are in the first. Our CNO (Chief Nutrition Officer) is the former R&D Director for EAS and Brett has built over 50 products in the market today. We are focused on bringing quality nutritional products to the game. 5Hr, Redbull and the like are not bad products but they are not built for athletic performance. Specifically anaerobic exercise. PreSk8 will be followed by PostSk8 and DuraSk8.

Current product lineup