ReaXion Energy Drink

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Official Brand Overview

ReaXion Energy Drinks are an energy source for your busy lifestyle made with a healthy combination of ingredients. ReaXion?s smooth flavors and electrifying color will energize your spirit. ReaXion Energy is more of a lifestyle with a clean refreshing non-heavy elixir that wakes the mind and body. ReaXion Energy Drinks offer a healthier and refreshing product line with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that invigorate the sense and give you an energy boost ? without going overboard on caffeine and taurine. INFUSED WITH GUARANA Guarana is chemically equivalent to caffeine. It helps improve cognition like memory, alertness, and increases mental clarity. INFUSED WITH MACCA ROOT Macca Root is referred to as "Peru?s Ginseng" due to its similarities to Ginseng. This herbal supplement optimizes body functions for long term energy, improve mental awareness, and strengthen the immune system

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