Official Brand Overview

Our focus is to take the best, most natural ingredients, and combine them with a full spectrum hemp to bring customers a beverage they not only enjoy but know exactly what they’re drinking. By working with local communities, we harness the best of their craft and always know where each ingredient comes from and how it is processed. It is our utmost importance that we work with hemp farmers that treat their plants with the care and love they so rightfully deserve. We have chosen full spectrum hemp because we want to provide the fullest form of CBD possible. A full spectrum hemp means just that, you are getting the full amount of benefits that CBD can provide without the psychoactive sensation that comes from THC. The same level of care for the hemp we use is applied to all the ingredients we include in every can. Before we decide to use any ingredients, we want to ensure the folks providing those ingredients are experts in their craft. It’s one thing to use the best ingredients, it’s another when those ingredients come from a relationship built on trust and excitement to bring people a truly unique beverage.

Current product lineup