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TeaZazz Sparkling Tea - the Delicious Alternative You've Been Waiting For! TeaZazz Sparkling Tea is a great tasting, healthier alternative to soft drinks, and a new way to enjoy tea! TeaZazz is the perfect marriage of "better-for-you" tea with the sparkling fun of soda. Offering a diet-friendly 20-25 calories per serving, TeaZazz delivers the health benefits associated with antioxidants found in tea with exceptional taste that does not rely on the high fructose corn syrup commonly found in soft drinks. TeaZazz offers the best of both worlds-a hybrid drink, that bridges the gap between the "fun" of soft drinks and the "good for you" elements of tea TeaZazz comes in six delicious varieties: Original, Green Tea Lemon, Peach, White Tea Kiwi/Strawberry, White Tea Orange/Mango and Green Tea Mint. So, go ahead Zazz up your Life and remember, you don't have to suffer from 'tea fatigue' and really, why drink soda when you can drink tea?! Put down that diet cola and treat your body, heart and taste buds to a refreshing bottle of TeaZazz. Born in sunny California, TeaZazz is about bringing health, hydration,and happiness to beverage consumers everywhere!

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