Official Brand Overview

NO PRESERVATIVES OR SUGAR ADDED Fresh, bubbly deliciousness from our family to you. V2O is made with simply the best ingredients, no added sugar, no artificial color or ingredients and zero preservatives. V2O is non-GMO, gluten free, contains antioxidants and has a low glycemic index. It’s flavored with sweet balsamic giving you the revitalizing benefits of drinking vinegar. Refreshing bubbles tickle your tongue, a nice dose of probiotic ‘mother’ ups the good-for-you quota and our small batches mean the highest quality. Enjoy the fizz! WHAT’S INSIDE • 40 calories per bottle • gluten free • vegan • low glycemic index • non GMO • no artificial flavors • no preservatives • no sugar added • probiotic • antioxidants FLAVORS • Sicilian Lemon • Cranberry Pear • Honey Ginger BENEFITS OF BALSAMIC • rich in antioxidants • improves blood glucose regulation • helps control overindulgence during a meal • protects cells from oxidative damage • promotes gut health

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