Vitamin Dose: Vitamins and Minerals

by Dose Beverage Inc.

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150ml Can

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Review: Vitamins and Minerals

Posted: Apr 16, 2014 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: May 22, 2014 at 2:03 PM)
Unlike the other varieties of Dose, this product doesn’t pitch a specific vitamin or mineral ingredient as its key benefit. Instead, it simply promotes “vitamins and minerals.” From a taste perspective, you can definitely tell that there are functional ingredients inside this can. If this were a carbonated formulation rather than a non-carbonated one, it would likely taste pretty similar to certain energy drinks on the market. The citrus punch flavor is sweet (the company uses crystalline fructose and sucralose) and helps mask the functional ingredients, but it’s certainly not a product that you’d consume for flavor alone. One thing that we did wonder after seeing this variety is why the others are needed. This product includes many more functional ingredients and contains more of some of the ingredients (such as vitamin C) than the formulation that is focused on said ingredient. In terms of packaging and branding, the 5.07 oz. can is definitely unique (that’s probably why the company makes it in Poland -- you don’t see this can in the U.S.), but -- aside from having visual distinction -- we’re not sure that it’s a better package than others. The product feels like something that could be condensed down into a shot format without losing too much in the flavor department. As for the design, its green color palette and simple front panel is easy on the eyes. However, the “Basic Line” call-out, which we can only assume is for future expansion, doesn’t add anything that would influence the purchase of this product. Devoting this space to something that helps explain the purpose or use occasion might be a better approach. Overall, there are definitely some likeable and innovative things about this product and, with some additional development, we think the product has a shot.