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Announcing Beverage School San Francisco, Sept. 12, 2013; Featuring “Beverages 101”, Financing, and More

BevNET is pleased to announce that the next edition of its Beverage School will take place in San Francisco on Thursday, Sept. 12.

This “Beverages 101” event will take place in San Francisco on Thursday, Sept. 12 at an event space to be announced later. It will offer a one-day, intensive introduction to the beverage business for aspiring entrepreneurs, along with a companion section on the right ways to raise capital for and structure a beverage business.

Beverage School San Francisco will offer a chance for beverage entrepreneurs from the West Coast to enjoy a comprehensive overview of some of the key areas of the industry, including product formulation, sales and marketing, distribution, and company organization.

Additionally, the curriculum for the day will draw on the San Francisco financial community to create an extensive overview of the early stage financing options for beverage entrepreneurs, including ways of attracting startup and growth capital. There will be sessions that deal at a granular level with friends and family investing, angel investing, basic company recordkeeping and structure, borrowing, and more.

Beverage School will take the opportunity to hear from local experts on important retail channels in San Francisco and Northern California, taking into account the city’s place as a launch platform for new drinks.

With an experienced team of lecturers and an accessible style, Beverage School San Francisco will give the audience a chance to ask questions, interact with instructors, and get a feel for the day-to-day life and hard decisions that accompany operating a beverage company. The information delivery will be fast-paced, high-energy, and point toward best practices that can save entrepreneurs time and money as they create and grow their products.

Beverage School San Francisco will be a full day event; subscribers to BevNET’s Beverage School web site are eligible for discounted admission to the event.

BevNET will be providing signup information and the complete Beverage School San Francisco lineup in future announcements.

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About BevNET and Beverage School:

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