San Francisco, CA
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Balance the Books, Forecast the Future at Beverage School

BevNET is delighted to announce the addition of Chris Fenster of Propeller Industries as a speaker at Beverage School in San Francisco on Sept. 12. Mr. Fenster will be speaking about the best ways to structure an early-stage beverage company financially with a focus on clear record keeping, accurate forecasting and a true understanding of sales channel margins as tools for avoiding common pitfalls and improving strategic decision-making.

His talk will draw upon the lessons learned while helping dozens of companies in various industries navigate (successfully and unsuccessfully) the common financial challenges of early-stage growth.

Mr. Fenster brings a broad swath of experience with early-stage, growth-oriented companies to BevNET Live. He is the former CFO of the beverage startup Bevology, and has also worked as the consulting CFO for more than 30 early-stage companies through Propeller, a company he started in 2008 as a way to leverage the common financial issues that face startups into an innovative outsourced advisory model. He is strongly grounded in the ways to build — and not to build — a company.

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About Chris Fenster:

Chris Fenster is the founder and CEO of Propeller Industries, which provides outsourced CFO and accounting services to emerging growth companies. In his role at Propeller, Chris draws upon 20+ years as an entrepreneur and CFO – helping clients manage finances through Propeller’s web-based systems architecture and providing broad strategic guidance on the specific challenges early-stage companies face. Propeller currently handles over $200M/year in transaction volume through offices in SF, NY and Ketchum, ID, and its clients have raised over $100M in investment capital from top-tier firms.

Prior to Propeller, Chris served as CFO at Bevology, a beverage startup that built national distribution in natural, club, grocery, drug, specialty and DSD markets in its first 18 months. Prior to that he was CFO at Signature Wines, a private-equity-backed turn-around that earned spots in the 2004 and 2005 Inc. 500. Previously, Chris was Director of Finance at Tides Center/Tsunami Fund, where he built a back-office services infrastructure to manage non-profit finances. Prior to that he was a co-owner and CFO of Swobo Clothing, a cycling apparel manufacturer sold to Santa Cruz Bicycles. Before Swobo, Chris was a co-owner and Operations VP at Start to Finish, Inc., a retail store chain sold to Trek Bicycle. Chris started off as a consultant in the San Francisco office of Peterson Consulting.

About BevNET and Beverage School:

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Since 2009, BevNET has offered Beverage School, a mix of live courses and online content that provide beverage entrepreneurs with instructional tools to launch and grow their companies in the rewarding but high-risk beverage industry.