San Francisco, CA
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Critical Insights on Generating Buzz, Reaching Key Influencers at Beverage School San Francisco

Beverage School attendees will have a chance to learn what it means to get their product out into stores — and online, as well, when they hear from social media marketing master Darrell Jursa during the Sept. 12 event.

Jursa, currently the Senior Vice-President & Partner, Emerging Media & Technology at FleishmanHillard, has years of experience working both for beverage companies like Coke and Goose Island, as well as at PR and advertising agencies. He is a master of getting brands “talked about” both through social and word of mouth marketing strategies.

Jursa will give attendees a look at how their brand can thrive online, and what tools are available to make sure that online attention leads to real world sales. He will offer advice on the key sites and tools for establishing a digital footprint, and also talk about how responsibilities for maintaining that footprint can be divided between the owner, the marketing team, and the crowd. An expert on generating buzz about brands both on-line and off, Jursa will teach entrepreneurs how to determine the difference between good attention and bad, how to reach out to influencers, and how to control, build, and protect your on-line image.

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About Darrell Jursa:

Darrell is a Senior Vice President at FleishmanHillard and manages an Emerging Media & Technology practice where he and his team helps companies learn, use, track and benefit from technology that allows brands to become more human in the real world; a place technology can help companies rediscover.

Prior to FleishmanHillard, Mr. Jursa spent two decades creating new and reinvigorating existing image-driven brands at Foote, Cone & Belding, The Coca-Cola Company and The Interpublic Group of Companies. He founded one of the first influencer/word-of-mouth marketing agencies, Liquid Intelligence where he created the most talked-about packaged goods comeback story in over 50 years: Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer; hipsters became united the very next day.

Mr. Jursa has reinvigorated existing brands in the U.S. and globally through the pragmatic use of real time insights-driven data, instinct and a respect for marketing disciplines prior to his existence. He has a breadth of experience innovating across traditional, digital and social communications as well as classic CPG training, planning and the commercialization of his own liquor brands in the United States.

Mr. Jursa also plays a lead role in thought leadership in the word of mouth/influencer marketing services. He writes for several industry trade publications and frequently lectures undergraduate and graduate students at The University of Chicago, Columbia College, Loyola University and DePaul University.

About BevNET/Beverage School:

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