March 30, 2016
Boston, MA
A One-Day Workshop for Food & Beverage Brands

BevNET Announces First Boot Camp for Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs

BootCamp_SquareDesigned to give new and growing food and beverage companies a fast and comprehensive look at the challenges facing startups, BevNET Boot Camp leverages experts’ insights, successful entrepreneurs’ experiences, and a healthy dose of networking into an inspirational day of education and connection.

Topics will range from developing and perfecting products to the elements of pricing, raising financing, test marketing and brand design.

The business education and networking event will take place at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter in South Boston, 100 W. 2nd St.

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BevNET Boot Camp will feature speakers and panelists from across the food and beverage business, including:

  • Paul Pruett, CEO, Mediterra
  • Stu Strumwasser, Principal, Green Circle Capital Partners
  • Terry Frishman, Founder, Culinest
  • Rob Leichman, Founder/CEO, Lyric Consulting Group
  • Jen Faigel, CEO, Commonwealth Kitchen
  • Larry Kahn, Managing Director, Beechwood Capital
  • and more announcements to come.

Alongside panelists and speaker presentations, the event will feature an extended late-afternoon networking section, allowing topic-specific interactions with speakers and a larger set of subject-matter experts, with BevNET’s own team helping to facilitate connection.

BevNET Boot Camp is part of the BevNET organization’s commitment to help develop the next generation of new food and beverage entrepreneurs, one supported by an online educational video subscription service and offerings on, and

Pay attention for more speaker and agenda announcements, as well as more detailed description of course content. And prepare to start strong with Boot Camp!

Registration for the event is now open — please contact Jon Landis at with any questions.

About BevNET Boot Camp:

BevNET Boot Camp is a full day event providing new food and beverage entrepreneurs with the knowledge, connections and tools they need to get their business off the ground. In a classroom format, attendees will be able to have one-on-one conversations with industry experts. Boot Camp is an extension of the online educational video offerings found through Beverage School on and Project NOSH Education on

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About Project NOSH:

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