Sept 11, 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Launch Your Food or Beverage Company the Right Way
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Comprehensive Financial Coverage Highlights FBU L.A.

Pat Finn of Finn Capital Partners

From angel investors to strategic buyers, BevNET’s FBU (Food and Beverage University) event on Sept. 11 at the the Skirball Center in Los Angeles will provide entrepreneurs a strong introduction to the various growth and financing options that can help them launch, grow, and sell their companies.

With a lineup that has invested in products ranging from beverage brands like Vitaminwater and Mamma Chia and food companies like Krave Jerky, Popchips and Kind Bars, the “Financing Your Growth” segment of FBU – which will be just part of a full day introduction to the business for entrepreneurs — is stacked with experience and advice.

From an overview of the investment market for food and beverage companies to a review of alternative strategies for bootstrapping organizations, the aim of Financing Your Growth is to provide an overview of the many ways companies can raise the funds they need to make a brand a success.

Entrepreneurs will hear about the aims, expectations and methods of approaching both smaller individual investors like Pat Finn of Finn Capital Partners and from larger funds that mix the wealth of investors with that of financial institutions like Brent Knudsen, the founder of Partnership Capital Growth. They will also receive guidance from investment banker Mike Burgmaier of Silverwood Partners, who can explain the best times in a company lifecycle to engage a variety of fundraising options.

But getting inside the heads of those investors is also important; that’s how Brad Barnhorn, an investor and board member with Barnhorn Growth Advisors, and a former CPG entrepreneur himself, will bridge the gap between founder and investor, explaining the investor’s perception of the driven entrepreneur and the ways they can represent themselves the best. Beyond that, veteran investor and entrepreneur Michael Sands of B&G Foods will lay out the way large strategic buyers think about smaller companies that they may be looking into acquiring.

The investor and advisor side is nothing without the perspective of the entrepreneur, as well. FBU attendees will hear strategic insights from Runa co-founder Tyler Gage, who has combined a thrifty approach to spending with a brand that is highly attractive to investors to create a well-funded but disciplined company. Also on hand to add perspective will be Greg Steltenpohl, the CEO of Califia farms, who has used both conventional financing strategies like investments rounds and public offerings as well as unconventional brand development ideas like working with an agricultural enterprise and “slow money” groups to develop a variety of food and beverage companies.

Combine those speakers with a variety of attendees from the financial and brand incubation worlds – and FBU L.A. offers an unparalleled opportunity for new brand owners to meet investors while armed with knowledge of the objectives and methods for creating a lasting growth partnership.

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