New York, NY
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Coke, Pepsi Entrepreneurial Brand Unit Executives Headline Live Review Panel

Now here’s a source of good advice – and an intimidating challenge, as well. BevNET Live’s celebrated Live Review Panel – in which a handful of attendees get feedback on their brands from a panel of experts and audience members has raised the stakes by adding some of the most knowledgeable palates in the business.

The panelists will include:

  • Michael Hartman, the VP of marketing with Pepsi Beverage Co. and the head of their Learning Labs program, which works with innovative and entrepreneurial brands. Mr. Hartman is also a board member for O.N.E.
  • ———————-
  • Mary-Ann Somers, VP of Strategic and Operational Marketing for Coke’s Venturing and Emerging Brands unit
  • ———————-
  • Tom LeBon, an entrepreneur and distributor with XingTea and New Age Beverage
  • ———————-
  • Ian McLean, owner and creative director at McLean Design, the strategic branding and packaging design firm that conceived and designed the billion dollar Monster Energy brand

The Live Review panel will be led by John Craven, the founder of, the ultimate source for online beverage reviews.

Presenters will have about five minutes to make their case in front of the panelists, who will provide feedback on flavor, design, marketing focus and the many intangibles that can make or break a new product.

Interested in presenting your brand? Please register for the conference and then contact John Craven at  A limited number of companies will be selected.