New York, NY
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Embrace Simplicity with HINT Co-Founder Theo Goldin

HINT Co-Founder Theo Goldin will discuss how his business managed to simplify its way to success during a frank presentation at the upcoming BevNET Live event in New York.

This presentation is a must for any innovative beverage company in that it will show ways that companies can sometimes be too innovative for their own good. While HINT, an essence water whose stock-in-trade is vibrant fruit flavors without any sweeteners, has seen great sales increases and a much higher profile in the past year – HINT Blackberry recently won distribution as the only flavored water in Starbuck’s nationwide – it took a while for consumers to embrace the product. Goldin says that when he and his co-founder and wife, Kara Goldin, introduced HINT, the product was warmly received by investors, distributors, and beverage buyers. Consumer acceptance took longer, however, and the main issue was that the flavors were too wide a range, too far from the consumer wheelhouse, and the packaging, while slick and innovative, was at times getting lost in the cooler. The work that HINT required to accelerate its pace of growth, and the process of recognizing and overcoming an innovative product’s stumbling blocks, will be on the table during Theo Goldin’s talk.