New York, NY
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SoBe Founder, Adina CEO John Bello to present, join Entrepreneurs’ Panel

Bello, who currently is a General Partner at Sherbrooke Capital, one of Adina’s largest investors, is in the midst of a nationwide rollout of Adina’s Holistics line, attempting to build a DSD network that can transform it into a viable coast-to-coast brand. Having done so previously with SoBe, which he and his investors later sold to PepsiCo, Bello will discuss the changes in the beverage retailing and distribution environment that have characterized both campaigns.

This presentation will be of great interest to any beverage entrepreneur who aspires to construct a brand with a broad geographic presence, and will offer key insights from one of the beverage industry’s true revolutionaries. It will be one of four case studies from a group of hand-picked beverage entrepreneurs, including Hint’s Theo Goldin, New Leaf’s Eric Skae and Vita Coco’s Mike Kirban. The four will then participate in a freewheeling panel featuring questions direct from audience members.