Glide Immunity

by 24 Hour Immunity, LLC

Review: Glide Immunity Shot

Posted: Dec 15, 2017 at 1:52 PM (Last Updated: Dec 15, 2017 at 2:04 PM)

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Marketed as an immunity and wellness shot, Glide Immunity is a 2.5 oz USDA Organic shot that features oregano oil, ginger, honey, and citrus as its primary ingredients.

As with any product that features oregano oil, this is the flavor that first hits your tongue. From there, notes of citrus and ginger follow, but the oregano oil really lingers. If this were a full size product, this would definitely be an issue for us. However, for a product that’s designed to be consumed in one gulp (or so), it provides a soothing functional flavor that’s natural rather than medicinal.

From a functional perspective, this product isn’t like slamming down an energy shot in the sense that wellness and immunity don’t kick in immediately. Perhaps the most immediate function of Glide is its ability to act as a palate cleanser of sorts, but that isn’t a reason that you’d consume it. However, the intensity of the flavor is (beyond being strangely addictive) something that does make you feel as though the functionality is real.

On the outside, this product utilizes the same shot bottle that’s been used by countless energy and relaxation products. Between that and the design of the label, we feel as though there’s something lost when it comes to the product’s clean and natural list of ingredients. That said, we think it could be pretty easy to mistake this for being just another energy shot. We’re not exactly sure what the solution is (more prominent “Immunity?”), but this seems like something that the company will have to work around, especially if it’s competing at the register or where energy or sleep/relaxation products are sold.

Still, we do feel as though there’s some real merit to this product. There aren’t many (if any) shelf stable products that come packaged in this package format AND are made with such a clean list of ingredients. Plus, the functionality that it’s offering is pretty broad in terms of potential users and use occasions.

Overall, Glide is an innovative product with pretty solid execution. There’s room to further refine the messaging and presentation, but it’s definitely starting off at a nice spot.

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