Review: Salad Power

SaladPower is a product that was created after the company’s founders went around New York City looking for juice only to find two common themes: high sugar and high price.

Review: Villager Goods Coconut Water

Launched by the founders of Saint Archer Brewing, Villager Goods is a company that aims to launch a suite of lifestyle products under the brand. From our perspective as folks who have seen countless coconut waters come and go, it seems daunting to turn something like coconut water -- even an organic one -- into something that’s going to spark the movement that the company is after.

Review: Wonder Drink Kombucha Adds New Flavors

Since being acquired by Pure Steeps in 2016, Wonder Drink, which has been in the kombucha business since 1999, has been undergoing a bit of an evolution in both branding and messaging. Now months after the acquisition, the brand has added its first new flavors to the lineup.

Review: 4 Some Plant Protein Smoothies

The concept behind 4 Some seems like a timely one: take the good parts (namely the fruit flavor) of a cold-pressed and high pressure processed juice and add fiber and plant based protein to create a well-rounded beverage with a variety of benefits.

Review: WTRMLN WTR Expands With “BLNDS”

WTRMLN WTR has expanded its line with several new products, launching nationwide at Whole Foods. The new offerings are called BLNDS (“blends”) and feature a pairing of their watermelon water base blended with another ingredient: LMN (lemonade), CHRRY (tart cherry), LME (lime), and GNGR (ginger).

Review: REBBL Turmeric Lemon Tart

With Turmeric Golden-Milk already in its lineup, Rebbl’s latest offering, Turmeric Lemon Tart, clearly shows that the company sees opportunity in turmeric-based offerings.

Review: Dreaming Cow’s “Lush” Drinkable Yogurt

Dreaming Cow Yogurt is a company that produces New Zealand-style grass-fed yogurt that is 100 percent pastured raised. To date, their product line has consisted of a line of cream top yogurts, but now they are moving into the beverage category with Lush, a new line of drinkable yogurts.

Review: Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Tea

Secret Squirrel has taken somewhat of a purist approach with its cold brew tea line. The three blends, which include Rwanda Black, Sencha Green, and, for the only flavored variety, Mint Green, are very lightly sweetened and have rather assertive tea flavors.

Review: Rau Chocolate Salted Caramel

On the surface, salted caramel is something that says indulgence and dessert, so a pairing with a chocolate beverage is appealing and intuitive. But, just like the other Rau flavors, the flavor is quite mellow.

Review: Thirty Natural Recovery

Thirty is a low-calorie beverage that is billed as a “health-focused recovery drink.” The product’s formulation includes electrolytes, which, according to the company are intended to be “nearly triple” the amount found in a standard sports drink.

Review: BAWLS Guarana Ginger

Founded in 1996, BAWLS Guarana has one of the longest tenures of any brand in the energy category. And it has more or less stayed its course rather than chasing the trends that the rest of the category has. As such, BAWLS new Ginger variety follows in the footsteps of its other products.