Review: Soul Grind Cold Brew Coffee

Soul Grind is a line of unsweetened cold brew coffees that are infused with 10 mg of hemp CBD. The line includes three SKUs: Black, Vanilla and Mexican Chocolate. All three of these flavors contain a straightforward list of ingredients at their foundation: organic cold brew coffee, natural flavors and broad spectrum hemp extract (which contains hemp oil and coconut oil).

Review: BrightFox

BrightFox is a unique beverage concept that describes itself as a “nightlife hydration beverage for a brighter tomorrow.” The product blends vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants into six-SKU line of zero-calorie beverages packaged in 10.1 oz aluminum bottles with either a black or white matte finish.

Review: Backyard Soda Co.

Backyard Soda Co. is a line of small-batch sodas that are made with clean ingredients and are enhanced with 15 mg of CBD per 12 oz. can. Produced in Colorado, the products are presently available in three flavors: Mango-Jalapeno, Lavender-Lemon and Ginger-Lime.

Review: Tama Tea

Tama Tea is a line of zero calorie sparkling green tea made without sweeteners, extracts, concentrates or natural flavors. The product line features three varieties and the products are packaged in 12 oz. cans, with 35 mg of caffeine in each.

Review: Hustle Energy by MatchaBar

Hustle Energy by MatchaBar, which is the new branding for MatchaBar’s energy drink line, comes in two lines: Hustle Energy and Hustle Tea. Today, we’re taking a look at the former, which is launching with three sparkling flavors: Lemon & Lime, Peach and Mint.

Review: GT’s Sacred Life

GT’s Sacred Life kombucha is a limited edition SKU created in celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary. The product features a unique formulation that’s blue in color and is packaged in a bottle that was designed just for this flavor.

Review: Waltz CBD Seltzer

Produced by Farma Brands, the same company behind Nytro Jack, Waltz CBD Seltzer is a zero calorie flavored sparkling water enhanced with 25 mg of CBD. The products are packaged in slim 12 oz cans in three flavors: Blood Orange, Lime Ginger, and Lemon Lavender. 

Review: Medidate Roasted Date Seed Elixir

Positioned as a caffeine free alternative to coffee, Medidate is a line of prebiotic rich elixirs made from sustainably sourced roasted date seeds (not the fruit). Medidate’s ready to drink lineup presently includes four flavors: Original, Oatmilk Latte, Cold Brew 50/50, and Cardamom. Aside from Oatmilk Latte, which is sweetened with added date syrup , the products contain just five calories per bottle and zero sugar.

Review: Humblemaker Functional Cold Brew

While Humblemaker Coffee Co. has a traditional RTD cold brew as part of its product lineup, the California company’s more unique offering are its three functional cold brew coffee shots. Packaged in a 2 oz. jar that’s typically used for pills or capsules, these perishable, unpasteurized products offer a different approach to the shot category.

Review: Vaere CBD Active Wellness

Positioned just on the outer edge of the sports drink category, Vaere is a line of beverages that features 15 mg of CBD, natural electrolytes, and adaptogens. The product is available in two SKUs, Peach Mango and Açai Berry, and is packaged in 14 oz. glass bottles.

Review: Monfefo Moves to Glass

New York-based Monfefo produces organic and raw cold-pressed shots in two flavors: Ginger and Turmeric. Previously sold in plastic bottles pasteurized via high pressure processing (HPP), the products have been relaunched in glass packaging that the brand is supporting as more eco-friendly.

Review: Kalo

Kalo is a line of flavored sparkling waters enhanced with full spectrum hemp extract. The lineup features four flavors that are lightly sweetened with cane sugar and contain only 15 calories per 12 oz. can.

Review: Poppi

Poppi is the relaunched version of Mother, which appeared on the ABC series Shark Tank and was also the winner of the New Beverage Showdown 12. The revamped line features a slick, bright design and is being positioned as a prebiotic soda with apple cider vinegar.

Review: Koia Coffee

Plant-based protein shake brand Koia is expanding its lineup again with the launch of Koia Coffee, a three-SKU line that features coffee (and 200 mg of caffeine) as well as 5 grams of MCT oil.