Review: Sunomi Sparkling Switchel

Sunomi, previously known as Sip City, is a line of sparkling switchel beverages that is a much improved version of its predecessor. The brand now offers three flavors -- Turmeric, Orange, and Lemon -- all of which feature apple cider vinegar (ACV).

Review: Moti Lemonade

Moti is a new line of ready-to-drink lemonade beverages that use rosewater as the base for its two SKUs, Original Rosewater and Saffron Rosewater. Both are packaged in 10 oz. glass bottles.

Review: King’s Brew Nitro Cold Brew

Hailing from New Hampshire, King’s Brew Nitro Cold Brew is a multi-SKU line of ready-to-drink nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee drinks that are available in both 7.8 and 12 oz. cans.

Review: NITI Daily Detox

NITI (or “Nutrition Is Today’s Intelligence”) Daily Detox is a high pressure processed (HPP) detox beverage available in a single SKU that blends lemon, mint, turmeric, and cardamom to create the brand’s sole SKU.

Review: UbU Sparkling Functional Tonics

UbU is a brand of sparkling beverages that includes SKUs that are enhanced with hemp-derived CBD. The company markets two lines -- Hemp Tonic Balance, with CBD, and Natural Energy Focus, which instead features ginseng -- both of which are unsweetened and caffeine free.

Review: Weller CBD Sparkling Water

Announced this Spring, Weller CBD Sparkling Water is the first beverage product from Weller, a company that produces CBD snacks and powdered products.

Review: Pep Talk Caffeinated Sparkling Water

Pep Talk is a line of unsweetened flavored sparkling waters that features 55 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. can. The product is presently available in four flavors, including Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, Pineapple Coconut, and Tangerine Blackberry.

Review: Agua Lucha Aguas Frescas

Agua Lucha is an upstart line of traditional Mexican-style aguas frescas that feature real fruit and all natural ingredients. The brand’s initial varieties include Limon, Tamarindo, Jamaica, and Mandarina.

Review: Golden Tiger Turmeric Drinks

Golden Tiger is a line of turmeric-based juice drinks that are available in two flavors: Turmeric Limeade and Turmeric Limeade with Green Tea. Both SKUs are packaged in 12 oz. PET bottles and contain 90 calories and 18 grams of sugar per bottle.

Review: S.O.L Strains of Life CBD Infused Water

SOL is a company that produces CBD enhanced supplements, skin and body care products, and now beverages, with the launch of a flavored water in a single SKU, Orange Pineapple.

Review: Mansi Adds New Iced Tea SKU

Since its launch a few years ago, Mansi has offered only a single product: a calamansi juice drink. This year, the company has introduced a second SKU called Calamansi Iced Tea.

Review: Jaka Jamu

Jaka Jamu is a line of turmeric and tamarind tonics produced in New York City. The products are designed as a ready-to-drink jamu, which is a traditional Indonesian medicinal drink that is typically made from roots, bark, and other natural ingredients.

Review: Yayaya Yaupon Tea

Yayaya is a recently launched line of beverages made with yaupon, which is, unlike traditional tea, an ingredient that is grown in North America. The brand has launched with six functional flavors that are packaged in 14 oz. glass bottles.

Review: PLNT Blend Hemp Infused Hydration

PLNT Blend is a line of hemp-infused beverages that feature 15 mg of CBD per bottle and are flavored with fruit juice, herbs, tea and coconut nectar. PLNT Blend is available in three SKUs: Pineapple + Chamomile, Mint + Matcha and Turmeric + Ginger.