Review: Dona Spiced Sodas

Dona Chai is a Brooklyn-based company that produces spice-based concentrates and in late 2018 introduced a line of spiced sodas. The line comes in three flavors, including Pink Peppercorn Lemon, Turmeric Honeybush and Juniper Lime.

Review: Sol-ti CBD+ Tea

San Diego-based organic beverage maker Sol-ti is one of the latest companies to expand into the CBD beverage category. Following in the footsteps of Sol-ti’s other products, the line is packaged in glass bottles, and processed with light filtration.

Review: Bear’s Fruit Kombucha

Bear’s Fruit is a line of certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade kombucha that is produced in Brooklyn, NY. The brand’s current portfolio includes three varieties: Blueberry Lavender, Pineapple Mint and Strawberry Jalapeno.

Review: Queen City Hemp CBD Seltzer

Queen City Hemp, a Cincinnati-based company that produces hemp based products, recently released their first beverage: CBD Seltzer, an unsweetened flavored sparkling water that is available in four flavors and contains 5 mg of CBD per can.

Review: GT’s Classic Gold Alcoholic Kombucha

Since GT’s was the brand that created the kombucha category in the first place, it seems only appropriate for its Classic Gold to be the first alcoholic kombucha product to be reviewed on BevNET.

Review: Elsena Infused Still Water

Eslena is a line of USDA Organic certified still flavored waters that are unsweetened and contain under 10 calories per bottle. The products are flavored with real ingredients, including fruit puree or juice and a touch of sea salt.

Review: Genius Coconut Smoothies

Genius, which is a USDA Organic certified coconut smoothie, recently extended its line to include two new flavors: Coconut and Turmeric.

Review: HopTea

HopTea, winner of New Beverage Showdown 16 at BevNET Live Winter 2018, is a line of zero calorie non-alcoholic hop-infused “tea” drinks that feature hops as the primary flavor ingredient.

Review: Dram Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water

Dram Apothecary is a Colorado-based company that has up until now been known primarily as a purveyor of cocktail bitters and syrups. Recently, the company branched out in to cannabidiol (CBD) products, including a line of drops as well as these ready-to-drink sparkling beverages.

Review: Bimble Sparkling CBD

Bimble, which hails from New York City, is a recently launched CBD enhanced (25 mg) sparkling beverage available in a single SKU, Grapefruit Basil Mint.

Review: Nomad Energy

Announced last summer, Nomad Energy drink is a cascara-based energy drink that is the follow up to the company’s line of ready-to-drink cascara teas. Positioned as a plant-based energy drink, the product relies exclusively on cascara (aka coffeefruit) and the caffeine that it naturally provides; in this case 120 mg.

Review: Koia Keto

Koia, maker of non-GMO verified plant-based nutrition beverages, is expanding its portfolio with a three-flavor line of ketogenic (keto) protein drinks.

Review: Trusol 5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir

5:30 Daily Metabolic Elixir is the first product from New York-based brand Trusol. Available in a single SKU, the USDA Organic product contains functional ingredients for energy and metabolic benefits.

Review: VYBES

Vybes is a line of ready-to-drink beverages that contain 15 mg of hemp CBD per 14 oz. bottle. The product is currently offered in five flavors, of which three are still and two are sparkling.