Review: Refix

Refix is a recovery beverage featuring a unique core ingredient: sea water sourced from the Atlantic Ocean on the Costa de Morte in Galicia, Spain. This is combined with lemon juice (2%) and stevia glycosides to create a product that is being marketed as a recovery beverage.

Review: Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is a line of USDA certified organic cold-pressed lemon water beverages that utilize high pressure processing (HPP), contain only 5 calories per 12 oz. bottle, and are sweetened with a blend of erythritol and stevia.

Review: Minna

Describing itself as “kind of like tea” and “kind of like sparkling water,” Minna is an unsweetened, zero-calorie, and USDA Organic certified line of carbonated beverages that is positioned as an alternative to flavored sparkling water.

Review: Camellia Grove Kombucha

Camellia Grove is a Portland, Ore-based organic kombucha brand. The upstart company currently produces four flavors, each of which uses premium ingredients and is packaged in a 12 oz stubby glass bottle.

Review: Silverback Harvest Gold African Tea

Silverback is a line of carbonated tea beverages that is being positioned as both a healthy energy drink and an alternative to alcohol. The product is currently available in two varieties, Harvest Gold and Classic Silver.

Review: SOUND Tea-Infused Sparkling Water

SOUND, which has been producing sparkling tea beverages for several years, is back with a new product: Tea-Infused Sparkling Water. It’s a four flavor line of USDA Organic, zero-calorie unsweetened beverages that are, as the name suggests, intended to play in the sparkling water category.

Review: Navitas Organics’ Superfood Wellness Shots with CBD

Announced at Expo West 2019, Navitas Organics’ first ready-to-drink offering is a four flavor line of CBD-enhanced functional shots. Available in Focus, Calm, Restore, and Bliss varieties, the products use added superfoods for both their flavor and additional functionality.

Review: Ugly Adds Two New Flavors

Flavored sparkling water brand Ugly is back with two new flavors: Pink Grapefruit and Pina Colada. The new additions follow the same format and style as the rest of the Ugly lineup and are packaged in bright blue 12 oz cans.

Review: Granny Squibb’s Charlie’s Cranberry

Granny Squibb’s latest flavor is Charlie’s Cranberry, which comes in both sweetened and unsweetened varieties. These two flavors joint the other four SKUs that are part of the Granny Squibb’s lineup.

Review: Aloha Goes RTD

Aloha is a company that has, until now, built its brand selling plant-based protein bars and powders. At Expo West 2019 they officially made the jump into the ready-to-drink game with this product, Aloha Organic Protein Drink.

Review: Vital Proteins Collagen Water

Vital Proteins has been marketing collagen enhanced products in various forms since the company launched several years ago. However, ready-to-drink has not been one of those formats -- until now.

Review: Four Sigmatic Mushroom Focus Shot

Four Sigmatic, which produces a variety of mushroom and adaptogenic drink mixes, is making its way into the ready-to-drink space with the launch of Mushroom Focus Shot. Packaged in the same 2.5 oz bottle that has been the staple of the energy shot category, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Focus Shot contains a host of functional ingredients, including Lion’s mane mushrooms, rhodiola, guayusa (a natural source of caffeine), and rose hips.

Review: Kokomio Whole Coconut Drinks

Kokomio is a new line of high pressure processed (HPP) whole coconut beverages that are produced in Mexico. The brand’s initial lineup features three flavors, including Whole Coconut + Cold Brew Coffee, Whole Coconut + Hemp, and Whole Coconut + Probiotics.

Review: Säpp Gets a Major Update

Säpp is back with a major update to both its packaging and formulation. Now in a 12 oz. PET bottle that features the tagline “Hydration from the Forest,” the next iteration of Säpp has a much more inviting and polished look than the original, and an appealing new flavor lineup to match.