Review: PLNT Blend Hemp Infused Hydration

PLNT Blend is a line of hemp-infused beverages that feature 15 mg of CBD per bottle and are flavored with fruit juice, herbs, tea and coconut nectar. PLNT Blend is available in three SKUs: Pineapple + Chamomile, Mint + Matcha and Turmeric + Ginger.

Review: Blume Honey Water

Blume Honey Water, which we first reviewed in March 2018, is back with a big update to both its packaging and formulation.

Review: Omni Cold Brew

Omni is a line of premium ready-to-drink Vietnamese cold brew coffee that is available in two nitro-infused versions and one that is dairy based and sweetened. The company utilizes beans from the Central Highlands of Vietnam in all three of its products.

Review: Dripdash Kyoto Style Coffee

Dripdash is a recently launched ready-to-drink coffee that is marketed as a traditional Kyoto-style coffee. The product is available in a single SKU and is packaged in a 6 oz. glass bottle that requires refrigeration.

Review: Blume Slow Brew Ceylon Cinnamon

Blume Slow Brew is a four flavor line of USDA certified organic beverages that are made with brewed Ceylon cinnamon instead of tea or a more traditional herbal tea base. While we’ve seen brewed cinnamon beverages before, this is the first time that we’ve seen an entire line dedicated to it.

Review: Somatcha Sparkling Matcha

Somatcha is a line of sparkling matcha beverages that comes in two varieties, both of which are packaged in slim 12 oz. cans and feature a sleeve wrap label.

Review: GoodBelly Probiotics’ Bubbles

GoodBelly Probiotics’ Bubbles is a two-SKU line of refrigerated USDA organic sparkling probiotic beverages and is the company’s first sparkling line extension.

Review: Wedderspoon Goes RTD with Unfiltered Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar

Wedderspoon is a company that produces manuka-honey based products, including personal care products, drinking vinegars and candy, as well as raw manuka honey in a variety of different formats. Now the company is jumping into the RTD beverage game with a three-flavor line of unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) beverages.

Review: Greenbelt Craft Kombucha

Launched this spring, Greenbelt Craft Kombucha is an Austin-based brand of raw “craft kombucha” that is packaged in 12 oz. cans and available in four flavors: Peach Blossom White Tea, Strawberry Fields Rooibos Tea, Blood Orange Yerba Mate, and Hibiscus Berry Black Tea.

Review: Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters & Soda

Designed to be enjoyed both on its own and as a mixer, Hella Cocktail Co.’s Bitters & Soda is a two SKU line of aromatic sparkling beverages that are made with gentian root tincture.

Review: Agua Rica

Agua Rica is a new line of beverages created to bring traditional agua fresca flavors to the masses in a convenient ready-to-drink form. The brand’s initial three flavors include Hibiscus, Cucumber, and Lemonade, each packaged in 12 oz PET bottles.

Review: Dr. Priestley’s Fizzy Water

Dr. Priestley's Fizzy Water is a new line of “small batch” flavored sparkling water that recently launched via Amazon. The initial four flavors include Rosemary Grapefruit, Cucumber Mint, Meyer Lemon Ginger and Original Virgin.

Review: Refix

Refix is a recovery beverage featuring a unique core ingredient: sea water sourced from the Atlantic Ocean on the Costa de Morte in Galicia, Spain. This is combined with lemon juice (2%) and stevia glycosides to create a product that is being marketed as a recovery beverage.

Review: Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect is a line of USDA certified organic cold-pressed lemon water beverages that utilize high pressure processing (HPP), contain only 5 calories per 12 oz. bottle, and are sweetened with a blend of erythritol and stevia.