Review: Vive Organic Adds Two New Flavors

Vive Organic recently announced that they are expanding their shot lineup with two new flavors, Energy + Focus and Electro Restore. These new SKUs, which also showcase the company’s latest branding, extends Vive’s wellness platform into two new use occasions.

Review: BLNCD CBD Sparkling Water

BLNCD is a line of terpene-enhanced CBD flavored sparkling water beverages. The products, which are packaged in 12 oz. cans, come in three varieties -- Balance, Chill and Bliss -- and contain 0 calories and 25mg of CBD.

Review: Tea Riot Plant-Powered Energy

Announced in February, Tea Riot Plant-Powered Energy is both a new product and a pivot for the company. Whereas its previous offerings were non-carbonated beverages, this one is carbonated and is packaged in a 16 oz. tallboy can.

Review: Shroomshot

Shroomshot is a 2.5 oz. functional shot that is being marketed as a “mushroom wellness shot.” The products, which are perishable, contain both mushrooms and probiotics and come in two SKUs, Golden Immunity and Mental Lemon.

Review: Spindrift Pineapple

Pineapple is the latest line extension for Spindrift, a line of sparkling water beverages that are flavored with real squeezed fruit. 

Review: Onu Hemp Infused Tea

Onu is a line of organic and fair trade green tea infused with 20 mg of hemp CBD, as well as other functional ingredients. The line currently features three flavors: Peaceful Peach, Tropical Chill and Laid Back Lemon.

Review: Grillo’s Vinegar Drinks

Premium fresh pickle brand Grillo’s recently announced its move into the beverage category with the launch of this line of cold-pressed pickle vinegar drinks. The product line features two flavors, Pickle and Lemon, each packaged in a 12 oz. square plastic bottles.

Review: Mamma Chia Organic Chiamilk

Announced in February, Organic Chiamilk is the most recent product innovation from Mamma Chia and one that takes the company into the plant-based dairy alternative category. The line is launching with two unsweetened flavors, Original and Vanilla, which are packaged in 28 oz. multi-serve containers.

Review: Good Culture Probiotic Smoothies

Good Culture, a company that got its start making organic cottage cheese, has recently expanded into the beverage category with the launch of Good Culture Probiotic Smoothies. The launch includes three flavors -- Pineapple, Vanilla and Wildberry -- and they are made with protein-rich kefir from pasture-raised cows.

Review: Angry Seltzer

With the tagline of “for people who love the bite of soda...but don’t want the calories,” Angry Seltzer is a line of highly carbonated zero calorie flavored sparkling waters. The products are packaged in 12 oz. slim cans and there are plans to launch about a dozen flavors (with a few that are caffeinated).

Review: Harmless Harvest Dairy-Free Yogurt Drinks

Launching alongside its Dairy-Free Yogurt Cups, Harmless Harvest’s Dairy-Free Yogurt Drinks are the latest evolution of the company’s cultured probiotic drinks that have been marketed in various forms since 2017. We are happy to report that this latest effort is definitely the best yet.

Review: Nitro Beverage Co. New Orleans Cold Brew

Nitro Beverage Co. is a New Jersey based purveyor of organic nitro-infused cold brew coffee. The brand’s latest offering, a New Orleans-style cold brew, showcases its ability to create subtle flavor profiles without using added sugar or flavorings.

Review: NuRange Cold Brew

NuRange Cold Brew has one of the more unique approaches that we’ve seen for a cold brew coffee company. They have three SKUs: a regular cold brew, a CBD enhanced version and a RTD cocktail that’s made with cold brew and vodka.

Review: Special Leaf Olive Leaf Tea

Special Leaf is a new line of herbal tea beverages that are made with leaves from olive trees. The company is launching with two flavors, Sweet Side and When Life Gives You Lemons.