Review: Recess Zero Proof Margarita

With Dry January in full swing, hemp and adaptogen-infused beverage marketer Recess recently dropped a limited edition flavor, Zero Proof “Margarita,” marking the first time the brand has directly marketed one of their products as an alternative to alcohol.

Review: Wildwonder

Wildwonder is a line of USDA Organic functional sparkling beverages designed to help support gut and immune health. Originally available in glass bottles, Wildwonder now comes in 12 ounce slim cans in five SKUs that range from 30 or 35 calories each.

Review: Evy Tea

Evy Tea recently announced a rebrand and pivot to cans and today we’re taking a look at the new product line. Like the original product in glass bottles, Evy Tea is made with premium, USDA Certified Organic cold brewed tea, but is now packaged in a slim 12 ounce cans in four different flavors.

Review: Sip MARGS

Sip Margs is a new line of ready-to-drink cocktails that are modeled after the classic margarita and delivered in sparkling form. The products are 5% ABV and contain 130 calories per 12 ounce can.

Review: Halfday Tea Tonic

Halfday Tea Tonic is a new line of low sugar, ready-to-drink teas that offer classic iced tea flavor along with added plant based fiber. The product line currently features three core flavors packaged in 12 ounce cans, including Peach Green Tea, Green Tea with Honey & Ginseng, and Lemon Black Tea.

Review: St Hildie’s Tincture Tonics

St Hidie’s is a line of “spiked craft tonics” (5% ABV) that pair unique flavors with botanical tinctures featuring adaptogens and nootropics. There are presently three flavors, including Guava Ginger, Elderberry Hibiscus and Lemon Turmeric. 

Review: Fresh Fizz

Fresh Fizz is a new line of all natural sodas made with a straightforward list of ingredients. The Brooklyn-based company has launched with four flavors: Jalapeno Lime, Hibiscus Ginger, Cherry Cola and Lemon Mint.

Review: Joy Milk Tea

Joy Milk Tea is a line of ready-to-drink milk tea beverages that are marketed as being as strong as coffee but without the side effects. The dairy-based product is presently being offered in a single 11 oz SKU named “Black No. 1.”

Review: Taika Adds Matcha + Seasonal SKU

Taika, makers of RTD functional plant-based coffees, recently announced the launch of two new flavors: Matcha Latte, a permanent addition to the flavor lineup, and a Pumpkin Spice Latte that is their first limited time offering.

Review: A|dash Functional Cold Brew

A|dash is a brand of cold brew coffee infused “with just A|dash of adaptogens” that is marketed as a functional beverage that offers “balance” as the core function mentioned on the label. The product line currently contains a single eponymous SKU packaged in an 8 ounce can.

Review: Drip Dash Adds Cans and New Flavors

Dripdash is a line of Japanese style ready-to-drink iced coffees that use Kyoto-style slow-drip coffee as their base. Originally launched back in 2019 in a single SKU, Dripdash now has three flavors and the products are packaged in 9.5 ounce cans.

Review: Later Days Coffee Co.

Previously only available in a single unsweetened cold brew coffee SKU packaged in a glass bottle, Later Days Coffee has recently expanded its lineup with the launch of three shelf stable cold brews in 8 ounce cans.

Review: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits RTD

Lyre’s is a manufacturer of non-alcoholic spirits and ready-to-drink non alcoholic spirits. Their two most recent offerings, American Malt & Cola and Dark ‘N Spicy, brings their total RTD SKUs to five and we figured that it’s a good time to try the line.

Review: Unity Hemp and Adaptogen Infused Beverages

Unity is a line of non-carbonated low calorie beverages that are infused with hemp and adaptogens. Available in a variety of fruit flavors, each 14 ounce bottle of Unity contains only 30 calories and 5 grams of sugar.