Review: Aqua Kola Revamped

Previously launched as Aqua back in 2016, Aqua Kola is a restaged and more polished looking product than its predecessor.

Review: Waku Herbal Infusions

Waku Herbal Infusions, which comes in both a sweetened Original variety and an Unsweetened variety, are a line of herbal teas that were created using 20 different “super herbs” from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.

Review: Wandering Bear: Mocha with a Splash of Coconut Milk

To complement their Straight Black Cold Brew Coffee, which is available in both single serve and “coffee on tap” multi-serve, Wandering Bear is adding a new flavor to the lineup: Mocha with a Splash of Coconut Milk.

Review: Black Medicine’s Refreshed Packaging

Black Medicine, which initially started out in aluminum bottles and then shifted to cans in early 2017, is back with another packaging update. This time around, the company has given each can its own more prominent accent color and they’ve dialed down the emphasis on “cold pressed coffee.”

Review: Turveda Sparkling Turmeric Tonics

Turveda’s Sparkling Turmeric Tonics is a three SKU line of lightly carbonated beverages that touts 166 mg of curcumin (the active element in turmeric that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties) content as its key benefit.

Review: Bhakti’s RTD Shelf Stable Chai

When Bhakti first launched a few years back, the company did so with a refrigerated product that had a relatively short shelf life. At the time, delivering a ready-to-drink chai that used nut milk and had a fresh taste was a bit of a pipe dream.

Review: Petal

Petal is a USDA Organic zero calorie sparkling beverage that features a blend of botanicals in each of their three flavors.

Review: Ugly Lands in the US with New Formulations

Originally launched in the U.K. a few years ago, Ugly Drinks, which is a line of zero calorie flavored sparkling waters, has now launched in the U.S. with an updated look and formulations that were adjusted for the U.S. market (the product is also produced in the U.S.).

Review: Zinger Shots

Zinger Shots are a line of USDA Organic shelf stable shots that feature intense flavors in a small 2.4 oz. format. The product currently comes in five flavors, including Organic Ginger Zinger, Xtra Ginger Zinger, Lime Chilli Zinger, Golden Turmeric Zinger, and Acai Caffeine Zinger.

Review: Limitless Coffee Sparkling Water

Chicago-based Limitless Coffee, which, at least until now, has been producing cold brew coffee, matcha tea, and coffee beans, has made a jump into the flavored sparkling water category. In this case, they are doing it with a product that is juiced with caffeine extracted from coffee beans.

Review: Gloe Sparkling

The Gloe brand is something that has to date been used exclusively to market the Aloe Gloe line of still aloe beverages, but recently the company has expanded it into sparkling beverages. They’ve also stepped beyond aloe, with Gloe standing alone for its first time.

Review: Tempo Sparkling Tea

Tempo Sparkling Tea is, as the name suggests, a line of sparkling tea drinks that contain no added sugar and zero calories. The product line, which is launching with two flavors, Green Tea and Black Tea, is packaged in a 12 oz. clear glass long neck bottle.