Review: GuS Extends Into Single Serve Mixers

Since 2003, NYC-based GuS (aka Grown-up Soda) has been producing less sweet carbonated soft drinks that are made with high-quality ingredients. With its products targeting an adult palate, GuS is now expanding into an area that seems quite complementary: cocktail mixers.

Review: TruEnergy “Sport Shot”

Created by a former professional hockey player, TruEnergy is an energy shot that was designed with the athlete in mind.

Review: Wandering Bear Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew

While we really enjoy what Wandering Bear has done with its bag-in-box packaging, the company's latest offering, a Peppermint Mocha seasonal variety launched in 2017, shows that it has the ability to create some tasty flavors as well.

Review: Celsius Gets New Packaging

Celsius is a self-proclaimed “healthy energy drink” that was designed to help accelerate metabolism and burn body fat. Founded in 2004, Celsius has been through quite a transformation in recent years. Its latest change comes in the form of another packaging update -- and it’s a really good one, for the most part.

Review: MALK Organics Pecan Malk Nog

Malk’s “Pecan Malk Nog” is a special holiday-edition product which, as you can probably guess, is a play on eggnog.

Review: BeeBad Energy Drink

While there are a lot of energy drinks just recycling the same old stuff, BeeBad Energy Drink has managed to do something that seems different and fresh. Made with honey, which makes up 14 percent of the volume of the drink, this product has a very unique approach both in flavor and functional makeup.

Review: Formula O2 Blends Energy, Hydration, and Detox

Formula O2 is a “natural recovery” beverage that combines caffeine, electrolytes, and added oxygen to create a product that claims to have energy, hydration, and detoxification functionality.

Review: Happy Tree Maple Water Adds a Pomegranate Variety

Happy Tree, which is a brand of high pressure processed maple water, has expanded its flavor lineup yet again. This time around it’s with a pomegranate flavor, something that appears to have the mainstream in mind.

Review: Carela Blends Bitter Melon and Green Tea

Carela is a zero-calorie beverage that features up-and-coming ingredient bitter melon extract, paired with green tea, peach juice, flavors, and Rebaudioside A, which is a form of stevia that supposedly has less bitterness and aftertaste.

Review: The Evolution of SOUND Sparkling Tea Continues

Earlier this year, SOUND Sparkling Tea updated its label, which is, at least in our opinion, a sizable step forward. And it’s definitely a huge upgrade from where it started back when the brand was known as Sodterra.

Review: Wicked Lekker Combines Moringa and Rooibos

Wicked Lekker is a USDA Organic line of rooibos tea beverages that are enhanced with moringa, a somewhat bleeding edge ingredient that is purported to have a host of benefits.