Review: Elenita Mezcal-based RTD Cocktails

Elanita is a line of ready-to-drink sparkling cocktails that are produced in Mexico and based on Espadin mezcal. The products currently feature two flavors, Cucumber Lime Basil (6.5% ABV) and Pineapple Jalapeno (7% ABV), both of which are packaged in 12 oz slim cans.

Review: NoMI Sparkling Water

NoMI Sparkling Water is a zero calorie unsweetened sparkling water made by Mitten Fruit Company of Kalamazoo, Mich. The product’s key feature is its use of real fruit extract, which is the only other ingredient aside from carbonated water. 

Review: Humm Zero

Announced in February, Humm Zero is the Oregon-based kombucha company’s first entry into a shelf stable format and the first that doesn’t have added sugar (beyond what is consumed by yeast during fermentation). 

Review: Rishi Sparkling Botanicals

Having built its reputation as a premium tea company, Rishi is now moving into ready-to-drink with the launch of its new Sparkling Botanicals line. Sitting somewhere between sparkling water and sparkling tea, the line contains 5-15 calories per can with no added sugar or sweeteners. They are formulated with real ingredients and don’t contain any added flavorings or extracts.

Review: Hamaka Plant-based CBD Beverages

Hamaka is a new line of CBD enhanced beverages that is making its debut in four varieties:: Oatmilk Latte, Cold Brew Coffee, Hibiscus Flower Tea and Mineral Water. Each is enhanced with 5-10 mg of hemp extract per 250 ml (8.45 ounce) can, depending on the SKU.

Review: Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Tip Top Proper Cocktails is a line of ready-to-drink/ready-to-pour cocktails focused on recreating classic familiar recipes. The brand’s first three SKUs -- Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Negroni -- do just that.

Review: DRNXMYTH Ready-to-Pour Fresh Cocktails

In our first ready-to-drink cocktail review, we look at DRNXMYTH, a line of ready-to-pour fresh cocktails that utilize a proprietary bottle to keep the liquor separate from the other ingredients.

Review: Aprch CBD Sparkling Water

Aprch (pronounced “approach”) is a line of CBD-enhanced flavored sparkling waters. The zero calorie line is launching with three flavors, including Watermelon, Mint + Cucumber and Lemon + Lime.

Review: Agua Bucha Kombucha-Infused Sparkling Water

Agua Bucha Kombucha-Infused Sparkling Water is a new product line from Florida-based Mother Kombucha. The products contain only 5 calories and 1 gram of sugar per can and are both USDA Organic certified and shelf stable.

Review: BeforeYouSpeak Coffee RTD

BeforeYouSpeak is a company that produces functional coffee products, which, up until recently, were only available in instant form. Now, the company has ventured into the RTD space with this product, an 11.2 ounce cold-pressed coffee enhanced with functional ingredients.

Review: Recess Adds New Flavors

As discussed in a recent interview with CEO Benjamin Witte, Recess is expanding its line of CBD enhanced sparkling beverages to include flavors that target a mainstream audience. Today we’re taking a look at the three latest SKUs: Black Cherry, Blood Orange and Coconut Lime. 

Review: Proper Wild Clean Energy Shot

Proper Wild is a line of 2.5 oz shelf stable energy shots that are enhanced with caffeine, L-theanine and ginseng. The line comes in three flavors: Ginger, Blackberry and Peach Mango.

Review: Ugly Limited Edition Flavors Tackle Soda Head On

Amidst the global pandemic of 2020, Ugly recently announced a new limited edition flavor program to help further drive the company’s DTC business. Today, we’re taking a look at three of these flavors, including Cherry Cola, Dr. Ugly and Orange Soda.

Review: Untitled Art CBD Sparkling Water

As a brand, Untitled Art is focused on delivering the “newest drink concepts and styles, showcasing our amazing artists, and collaborating with our friends around the world.” The company currently produces a beer and a CBD-infused sparkling water.